How did you get started with improv?
I started improvising at the Piven Theater in Evanston, IL. I still remember my first class. The teacher asked us to move an invisible object across the floor in teams. My team moved a refrigerator and as we started to tip it, one of my team members screamed because she thought it was going to fall over on her. After five minutes of sweating, we got the invisible refrigerator across the room. After that I was hooked.

What brought you to ComedySportz?
I had been improvising in Chicago for a couple of years but I wasn’t doing any shows on the weekends. I noticed that many of my friends were performing at ComedySports and I thought their old theater on Halsted street was amazing. I auditioned and got in. We’ve played at many spaces in Chicago and although Halsted was my favorite, I’m super impressed with the location and feel of the new Belmont space.

What sets ComedySportz aside from the other improv you have done?
ComedySportz is fast. You have to get to the game of the scene or find an interesting character much faster in a csz show than in other place. Also, Comedy Sports has always been a place where the performers are disciplined. We used to talk about sloppy shows from time to time, but pound for pound I think ComedySportz has a tighter show than many of the other shows in town.

What kind of shows are you doing now, and how has ComedySportz prepared you for performing elsewhere?
Right now I’m performing with the Touring Company of Second City. Although our primary focus is on sketch, we do mix in short form from time to time. I feel confident having trained on each and every short form game in existence. Also, the audiences we meet on the road are often new to improve much like the audiences we performed for at CSZ. ComedySports has definitely made me a more experienced and confident performer.

What is something you miss about performing ComedySportz?
The baseball socks? I miss the stage and the people. I left just after the new theater went up so that I would always have fond memories. When I left, ComedySports was still growing and that is how I wanted to remember it.
Also, Eric Lindberg. It was a real shame what happened to him, but I guess that’s why we call them legends.

What do you like to do when not performing?
I’m an avid game player. I play just about every game made from board games to video games to whatever else you can think of. I guess that’s why ComedySportz appealed to me in the first place