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CSz 2012 World Championship Night Three Recap

The ComedySportz World Championship continued last night as six teams entered the arena for  eight grueling matches.

The 8 PM show featured some hilarious comedy early and was hosted by the legendary James Bailey of Los Angeles, who ran a tight ship. Minneapolis took on Portland in a highly contested matchup, but thanks to Minneapolis' head-to-head win in four rooms plus  their portrayal of time travel in the opening and closing night of Prehistoric Killer, they took home the win.

The second half featured our own Downtown Chicago Bosses playing Philadelphia. Chicago rapped their way to the win in Word Up to Your Sponsors and took the W, raising their record to 2-0!

The 10 PM "Be Very Afraid" Show met and surpassed expectations with Josh "Ref Trainwreck" Breit at the helms of a bizarre and riotous couple of matches. First up was Portland vs. San Jose in a fun free-for-all that finally ended with a win for Portland, The second half was when it just got weird as New York took on the home team of Chicago. New York tried with some great games such as audition but Chicago was too much in Rap Line and got the win, although it was close at the end. In a bizarre finish, Chicago's Ryan Williams was ejected twice and Pat Dwyer soon got the boot as well.

The action concludes tonight with a match at 6 PM, the ALL-STAR match at 8 PM and the big Championship Match at 10 PM so do not miss out! Check out all of the matches yet to play at the Athenaeum Theatre (2936 N. Southport) tonight, Friday, & Saturday! Go to for more information!