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CSz 2012 World Championship Final Recap

The sun has risen on the Monday after Championship and as everyone settles back into a normal schedule after the craziness of this past week we declare with immense pride that Chicago is The World Champion.

The final day of matches sent our players off with a bang as Provo battled Buffalo and  Washington D.C played Indianapolis under the trained eye of San Jose's Courtney Pong. Then at 8 PM Tara DeFrancisco of our own Chicago reffed Los Angeles against Minneapolis followed by a truly legendary lineup for the All-Star match that included:

Maurissa Afanador - Los Angeles, CA
Darryl Fishwick - Manchester, UK
Stephen Bennett - Houston, TX
Captain Alli Soowal - Philadelphia, PA

Rachel Wareing - Manchester, UK
Kelsey Famous - Portland, OR
David Pijor - Richmond, VA
Captain Doug Neithercott - Minneapolis, MN

The excitement was just building as the 10 PM Championship Match to decide the 2012 ComedySportz World Champion set your Downtown Chicago Bosses against visiting Los Angeles. It was a back-and-forth fight before Chicago pulled ahead for the historic 26-12 victory, bringing the Championship trophy home again!

Still, this week was not only about competition. We thank every player and every visiting city for contributing to such a successful celebration of ComedySportz as a whole as well as bringing so much fun, energy, and experience to share. Join us this weekend July 26-28 for our Celebration Weekend! Visit for more information. We look forward to seeing you soon world!