Case Study: AT&T

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“AT&T: Blended Learning”

Case Study: Navy

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“US Navy: Boosting Meeting Effectiveness"

Improv is a powerful tool not only for soft-skills learning, but as a way to increase retention.

Thanks to the emergent field of Brain Based Learning (or Whole Brain Learning) we now know that brief periods of physical activity interspersed throughout an itinerary will assist in participant’s abilities to both remember and think critcally about what they’re learning.

Because of the sedentary nature of full-day meetings or lengthy e-learning programs, the level of oxygen to the brain decreases. Our interactive improv approach is physical in nature and increases the flow of oxygen: providing the perfect counterpoint to traditional training methods. Improv games are also a great way to reinforce key messages throughout the day.


Don’t lose the learning because you were sitting still!

Greg Werstler, Director of Creative Sales, CFO - ComedySportz Chicago

Greg Werstler
Director of Creative Sales, CFO
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