Fundraising Ideas for the ComedySportz High School League

Bake Sale – Everyone loves a good bake sale but spice it up with themed goodies (i.e. in February, add some Valentine’s hearts, in April add a spring theme, etc)

Chili Cook Off – Set up a cook off in your lunch room where students make their favorite chili recipes (or any food).  For students & teachers who want to participate, taste & vote, charge a nominal fee or a “pay what you can”; at a school of over 1000 students, that’s a great way to raise money!

Creative Art Competition – Have students create art projects during classes and then host a “gallery night” for parents and friends to purchase the items

Movie Day – Host a Movie Afternoon with popcorn in the school auditorium and charge a nominal fee to attend

Videogame Tournament – Pay to play!  Offer the winner a portion of money raised or a new video game.  Perhaps there’s a local store that would be willing to donate a gift certificate for the value of one game.

Carnival Day – Focus on the low cost/no cost carnival games; pie throwing contests, basketball tournament from the foul line, etc

Raffles - Charge 1 ticket for $2 or 3 for $5 then hold the raffle; winner gets 25% of money raised, the rest is put towards the programming

Silent Auction –
Perhaps the school can offer a “parking space for a month”, “free lunch coupons”, etc.  Maybe engage local businesses near the school to see if they’d be interested in offering gift certificates or small donations that will generate sales to their stores while supporting the local community!

Laughter Yoga Sessions – These are a great form of exercise that uses laughter as the key component to the workout; easy to administer in a school and run less than an hour!  Ask for a nominal fee or “pay what you can” to participate.

Jeans Day (or a variation of) – Give students a day to dress creatively – i.e. black tie day, costume day, etc.

Talent Show – High school kids have so many talents that showcasing them is always a blast!

Car Wash – Save this one for warmer weather!  To add to the excitement, add some marketing elements for students to engage in to draw more crowds to the event

Auction – What people love most is having help!  Have your class host an auction at your school to offer the gift of a helping hand; have students offer to clean blackboards, carry books, eat lunch with, etc.


ComedySportz can help to implement this amazing experience!  Click HERE to request more info.

2011/2012 League Schedule

3 On-Site Workshops at your school:
2.5 hours each at your convenience

Fall League-Wide Workshop
November 5, 2011

Spring League-Wide Workshop
March 10, 2012

Regional Tournaments
April 21 & 28, 2012

HSL Championship 2012
May 6, 2012

Summer Camp

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