reDUB reDUB: Improvisors vs. Movies

June 23 - September 29, 2011
Thursdays at 10pm

Box Office: 773-549-8080
Tickets: $5

What happens when Chicago's best improvisors take on Hollywood's worst films? reDUB: Improvisors vs. Movies features five hilarious performers creating brand new dialogue and music for a movie they have never seen before. These dusty old characters and plot lines will be made fresh and funny, and nothing is planned in advance. Absolutely anything can happen as cinema history is altered forever!

ReDUB features a rotating cast of ComedySportz All-Stars:
Josh Breit
Rebecca Hanson
Nathan Jansen
Tamara Nolte
Erin Pallesen
directed by Sam Super
musical direction by Jonathan Wagner

Each week our cast will be joined by Special Guest Stars.  Upcoming guests include:

August 4:
Jason Chin & Jorin Garguilo

August 11:
Natalie Kossar

August 16:
Brooke Breit & Matt Elwell

August 25:
Christy Bonstell