The ComedySportz National Touring Company

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Add excitement to your next private event with customizable improv comedy from ComedySportz®

Our experienced professional performers travel to you; anywhere in the world!

From corporate meetings in Orlando to fundraisers in downtown Chicago, let the ComedySportz National Touring Company add clean, interactive humor!

We have a variety of formats to fit any event at any budget.

“A fan of the show called to book the Touring Company.
She said ‘…and you’ll play Five Thingz!’
I responded that we don’t normally play that game.
‘OH BUT YOU HAVE TO!!! That game is so fantastic!’.
Of course we did, and it was the smash hit
of the meeting.”
 gregwerstler crop
“I happily recommend [ComedySportz] because of your
clean presentation – AND because the laughter is so refreshing!!!”
--Susan T., Chicago Decking and Steel.
Greg Werstler
Director of Creative Sales, CFO
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