It's our second annual Exhibition Night Thursday, January 28 at 7pm.

If you've never seen our show or are a Super Fan, come see all of our various shows play "ComedySportz" on our stage in one night. $5 gets you in the door at any time during the night.

Show Schedule*

7pm - 7:25pm
High School League Students VS. High School League Instructors

7:25pm - 7:45pm
Training Center Students VS. Adult Class Teachers

7:45pm - 8pm

REC League VS. Improv Open Mike

8pm - 8:20pm
Wednesday Night Main Event VS. Battle-Prov


8:30pm - 8:50pm
Cocktail Hour VS. The Hot Karl

8:50pm - 9:10pm
CSz Musical Directors VS. CSz Wait Staff

9:10pm - 9:45pm
Red Evanston Express VS. Blue Downtown Chicago Bosses
in an all star match!

* teams and times subject to change

For tickets call 773-549-8080 or log onto