Harbinger of NBA Playoff Victory for the Bulls?

In what could be a foreshadowing of the first round of the NBA Playoffs – in which the top-seeded Chicago Bulls are expected to face the Philadelphia 76’ers – players from Chicago’s ComedySportz club will host a match against players from ComedySportz Philadelphia at the local club’s 10 PM show on Friday, April 27th. The two teams of improv comedy performers will compete for the audience’s love and votes, with the winner earning a coveted trophy as well a good share of local pride.

Competing for Chicago will be Rene Duquesnoy, Jamie Campbell and Rance Rizzuto. Philadelphia will field an away team consisting of Alli Soowal, Kristen Finger and Jason Stockdale. The action will begin at 10 PM and tickets can be reserved by phone at 773-549-8080 or online at Ticketmaster.com.

The Chicago and Philadelphia clubs are two members of the 21-team World Comedy League, an association of independently owned teams that license the ComedySportz name and concept. Inter-city games are rare, except for the annual ComedySportz World Championship in which teams from across the U.S. and Europe meet in one of the league cities for a four-day competition. This year’s Championship will be held in Chicago at the Athenaeum Theatre from July 18-21 and teams from 18 U.S. cities plus Manchester, U.K. and Berlin, Germany are expected to attend.

Here are Philadelphia's Players, who look very frightened at the prospect of playing against a Chicago Blue team!


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