ComedySportz Chicago is lucky enough to be the host city for 2012’s ComedySportz World Championship July 18-21. The event will bring players from 20 cities from all over the world (including Manchester, UK & Berlin, Germany) to face off against each other. It’s also a chance for players to take workshops, connect with players from other cities, and have fun with more than a hundred folks who share a common interest. We caught up with Myles Nye from ComedySportz LA and talked a little with him about what playing for LA is like, what his past World Championship experiences have been, and what it means for this year’s to be in Chicago.

Myles Nye (left), Rance Rizzutto (center), & Ian Hoch (right) at the 2008 World Championship in Portland. 

What do you love about the World Championship?
Myles says, “Tourney,” (most player still refer to it as tournament or tourney) “-it'll always be tourney to me - is the best camp ever. Someday a clinician should do a paper on why, when reunited with my tribe, I no longer need to sleep. I spend the whole time laughing. Workshops all day, shows in the evening, parties and games all night - what could be better? It's the best part of my year, every year.”

What was your first WC experience?
He explained that he wasn’t able to attend a World Championship until LA hosted the event. “That was 2006 I believe. It wasn't until tournament came to me that I recognized what a marvelous occasion it is. Here I have this hobby, this sport I enjoy - and then I'm meeting amazing, kind, wise, witty, sharp, lovely people from all around the world who are committed to the same show that I love to do. Instant kinship.”

That sounds awesome! What do you think is unique about LA’s version of a ComedySportz show?
“James, our artistic director, is fastidious in his vision of the company's professionalism and stage picture. Also, since he himself is an exceptionally gifted singer and musical improviser, our company does a lot more musical and singing improv than teams in other cities, I believe. Just as New Orleans does more voodoo on stage than we do, for instance,” jokes Nye. “I also think our players are really nice.”

You don’t think Chicago’s players are nice?
“I didn’t say that. Don’t get me wrong,” Nye laughs. “Everyone’s nice in ComedySportz, but you know, Chicago for example has the image of the Downtown Chicago Bosses as intimidators. I think our image is that we’re nice.”

Ha! We get that. What will you bring to the WC that’s unique?
“I will bring a game I made up that James will hate and everyone else will love. It will promptly be forgotten.”

Well, we can’t wait to see it! What is your favorite type of game?
“I love rhyming games because I always win. Jenny Finkel will tell you that she beat me in a Rap Battle in Milwaukee, but she is extremely untrustworthy.”

Myles Nye on stage at the 2007 World Championship in the Quad Cities

We’ll keep that in mind. What does it mean for the WC to be in Chicago this July?
“Well I expect it will be warm. Everyone knows Chicago is a big improv town, and the Downtown Bosses are admired and feared by laugh-letes all around for their incredible chops. This is the big time.”

We’re blushing, but not arguing with you. DOWNTOWN CHICAGO BOSSES!!! It’s stuff like that isn’t it?

Thank you, Myles! We look forward to seeing you and the rest of the LA crew this July for the ComedySportz World Championship!

The ComedySportz World Championship will take place at the Athenaeum Theater located at 2936 N. Southport Ave, Chicago IL 60657. For more information please call the ComedySportz Theatre at  773-549-8080 or check us out at or