CSz 2012 Post-Championship Celebration

To celebrate our historic win over Los Angeles in the 2012 ComedySportz World Championship, we're throwing a Post-Championship Celebration at all our ComedySportz shows this weekend, Thursday-Saturday, July 26-28.


We will be hanging our championship banner this weekend as well as offering complimentary champagne toasts to those who can partake, so be sure to come on out and celebrate this new title of "World Champion" for the city of Chicago with us!

Make reservations for what is sure to be a big weekend by calling 773-549-8080. Visit www.comedysportzchicago.com for more information.


Photo: The entire ensemble and staff taking the stage at the Athenaeum after Chicago's victory is announced on July 21, 2012.



After the hype and satisfying conclusion of the ComedySportz World Championship, it is time we take a moment to recognize the many groups who provide us with endless support that helped catapult us to victory. In fact, let's take a whole month to do that. We have such a huge family it will take all of August for us to properly thank them, so join us for a month of celebration.

August 2-4: Alumni Weekend

Former ComedySportz players from across our 25 years will return to the Chicago stage for six matches. So join us as we celebrate the people who make and have made ComedySportz Chicago the home to comedy gold that it has been for the last 25 yearz.

August 9-11: ‘80s Weekend

The decade of ComedySportz Chicago’s birth and its unique cultural contributions will be celebrated in this throwback weekend. So grab your spandex and get ready to break dance the nights away with us!

August 16-18: Lakeview Weekend

Leaders from our neighborhood will join our regular players onstage for some great improv. You do not want to miss out on this chance to thank the local leaders who help make our neighborhood so great!

August 23- 25: Comedy Theater Challenge Weekend

Improv performers from other theaters around the city will challenge the ComedySportz regulars to a series of matches. Many ComedySportz Chicago ensemble members play all over the city doing what they do best: comedy. So help us celebrate the other theater opportunities around the city and recognize how lucky we are to live in the capital of live comedy!

Visit www.comedysportzchicago.com for more information!

This summer the ComedySportz Theater has six shows opening & we’re thrilled to have them in our space. A stand-up talk show, a new take on Kipling’s The Jungle Book for kids, three hyper-intelligent apes hosting a talent competition, & more! We’re already screaming, “ENDLESS SUMMER!!!!”

Sundays - Octavarius: So Nefarious
Sunday nights at CSz will be owned by the sensational spectacle of Octavarius: So Nefarious. This group of real life college friends undertake the daunting task of writing a brand new show each week based on a new theme. They’ve conquered pirates, musical theater, & Die Hard just to name a few. Watch them this summer as they take on Pokemon, Dungeons & Drag Queens, and much more; and then do their signature improv form: the ‘So Nefarious’!
7pm - Tickets $10

Mondays - Impress These Apes
8 human contestants. 3 hyper-intelligent apes from the future. 1 earthquake device.
Impress These Apes, Chicago’s funniest talent competition is back for its seventh season! You never know what the ape judges will make the pitiful humans do on Monday nights, beginning July 23rd! This season, thanks to Blewt!'s partnership with mega-gazillionaire Mark Cuban, the champion will walk away with a cash prize of ONE-THOUSAND DOLLARS and a grab bag of groovy prizes!
8pm - $10
Runs 7/9-9/10

Wednesdays - The Two Dollar Bill
Love to laugh, but low on cash? We have your solution: The Two Dollar Bill!
It’s really three-shows-in-one consisting of CSz’s newly formed Genesis League where players make up new improv games and anything can happen, Battle-prov where the titular team takes on a new challenger every week, and The Stevens Family Presents: Fun-derdome, an Improv Open Mic where you can join in the fun and play games presented by hillbilly hosts, the Stevens Family!
All for just a cool Jefferson. (He’s the guy on the two dollar bill, right?)
8pm - $2
Runs 6/20-9/12

Thursdays - The Improv Minions of Dr. Rubius Ne’er-do-well
Evil billionaire/mad-scientist, Dr. Rubius Ne’er-do-well and one of his many servants, host a soiree where he hilariously tortures five different minions every week through the most terrifying means possible: improv comedy. Watch as the Doctor finds fiendish ways to make you laugh!
10pm - $5 (FREE for guests of the 8pm home show)
Runs 6/21-12/27


Fridays - But Seriously... The Late Night Stand-Up Talk Show
One of Chicago’s top stand-up comics performs a half-hour set, followed by an interview with a cast member of CSz’s 100 Proof standup show. Jamie Campbell, Sherman Edwards, Kelsie Huff & Homer Mars alternate as hosts for this 13-show series, and the interview segments will be recorded live for a weekly podcast.
Midnight - $10 ($5 for 10pm guests)
Runs 6/1-9/14

Saturdays - CSz Crew Visits The Jungle Book
Mowgli, Baloo, and all of Rudyard Kipling’s loveable characters from The Jungle Book are visited by CSz players through the magic of the imagination machine! This interactive show lets kids become some of the jungle animals as the CSz players retell Kipling’s story and thwart the menacing Expensivo!
Kids love to hate Expensivo...
11am - $10 for adults, $7 for kids
Runs 6/23-9/1


If you’ve ever wondered how to keep up with the nonstop energy of a toddler, the answer might be improvisation. For ComedySportz ensemble member Melissa Cathcart, mother of 2-year-old Colin, improv training applies to parenting in more ways than just creating new verses of “The Wheels on the Bus.” “I think improv has made me more adaptable which has helped me weather the ups and downs of parenthood,” says Cathcart. 

Fellow ensemble member Alida Vitas-Dow, mother of 9-month-old Sofia, agrees. “At ComedySportz, you have to have the skill of thinking quickly. This has definitely helped me with my little one, especially now that she's moving around the house. I have to think quickly to divert her attention from something dangerous or to just keep her attention.”

Improvisation encourages skills like listening, playfulness and being fully aware. Not surprisingly, these translate naturally to parenting. “I definitely use my heightened listening skills around Sofia. She can only say a few words now but I watch and listen for her cues to see what she wants - just as I do onstage with whomever I'm in a scene with,” says Vitas-Dow.

But improv isn’t all about fooling around for laughs. There are also some valuable life lessons that can be learned. “I hope Colin grows up to be someone who says ‘yes and,’” says Cathcart. “There is so much more possibility and room for growth when we support and build on each other's ideas.”

Vitas-Dow says, “I want to teach Sofia that the present moment is all you have, so have fun and pay attention to what is going on right now - in this very moment - just as you would onstage.”