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Chicago is home to some of the best comedy in the world.  On August 7-9, 2014 the ComedySportz ensemble is hosting the top comedy theaters in Chicago to throw down with them, competing in Chicago’s best competitive improv show, ComedySportz, in front of a live audience.

The show remains appropriate for all ages - see improvisers of the highest caliber from The Annoyance, Chemically Imbalanced ComedyiO, The Playground, and pH Productions take on the ComedySportz roster on their home turf.


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August 7, Thurday: 8:00pm: CIC

August 8, Friday: 8:00pm:  pH Productions

August 9, Saturday: 6:00pm:  Sears Tower (iO)

August 9, Saturday: 8:00pm: The Playground

August 9, Saturday: 10:00pm:  Fire & Beer (The Annoyance)


For tickets call the Box Office at 773-549-8080 or  




Something big is happening at ComedySportz.  We're changing our look!  ComedySportz theaters across the country are all going to be changing how we look as part of a huge rebranding campaign.  You can see all the international excitement by checking the Twitter and Facebook hashtag of #CSz30.  As part of all this activity, we want to try some new uniforms to go with the new logos...

...and we need your help to do it.

examples-newlookHow would you design the ComedySportz ensemble uniforms?  Exceptional colors?  Helmets? Wizard robes?


Post your suggestions on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags of #CSz30 and #CSzNewLook and we'll take notice!  Then at all ComedySportz shows May 29 - 31 see the ensemble try out your suggestions.


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For tickets call the Box Office at 773-549-8080 or  


On Wednesday, June 11, ComedySportz will welcome 3-time gold medalist and WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes to the theater to compete in The Dunk Contest of the Century of the World.


Swoopes, voted one of the Top 15 Players in WNBA history and the current head coach of the Loyola Ramblers, will be competing against 5’5” local comedian (and Sonic House Team ensemble member) Ben Larrison in a one-night-only slam dunk contest on a Fisher-Price children’s basketball hoop. After the competitors are introduced and the stage has been set, a panel of special guest judges will help determine a winner as this famed professional athlete and a 5’5” comedy person do battle in the ultimate test of will: slam dunking. Come see a hilarious and epic showdown, as pure skill meets comedy in a night guaranteed to have fans on their feet and cheering.


Doors open at 7:30pm and the show begins at 8:00pm.  Tickets are only $5 and can be purchased by calling the ComedySportz box office at 773-549-8080 or by clicking here.




Sheryl Swoopes is an American basketball icon and three-time Olympic gold medalist. She played for Texas Tech before becoming the first player signed to the WNBA in 1996. Often referred to as the "female Michael Jordan" and famous for both her offensive and defensive skills, Swoopes has won three Olympic gold medals and is a 3-time WNBA MVP. She is also the first woman to have a Nike shoe named after her. In 2013, Swoopes was named head coach of the Loyola University women's basketball team, the Loyola Ramblers.


Ben Larrison is a comedian and writer based in Chicago. He has performed at The Annoyance Theater, The Playground Theater, ComedySportz Theater and iO Theater, and created the popular Twitter feed @ChicagoVentra. He is a lifelong women’s basketball fan, and has admired Sheryl Swoopes ever since he was a kid. Throughout his life, he has dreamed of soaring through the air and dunking a basketball. On June 11, he will finally get that chance.


For tickets call the Box Office at 773-549-8080 or  


Rapture is the new hiphop improv show coming to ComedySportz late night on Thursdays starting June 26. It is directed by Rene Duquesnoy, co-founder of the hit show The Beatbox, a part owner of ComedySportz Chicago, and instructor of the MadSkillz class in the ComedySportz Training Center.  Watch the cast of Rapture scratch and cut scenes together in a narrative, mixing hiphop with all genres. We spoke with director Rene Duquesnoy about the show, and what to expect from this talented cast.


Hey Rene!  So talk to us about Rapture.   How is this show different than other productions you've been involved with like The Beatbox?

I am extremely excited about Rapture, more than I have been for other shows. The only other show remotely close to it that I have done is Beatbox. Rapture is different on a few levels. First, instead of beatboxing all of the music, I broke my turntables out of cold storage, and will be using instrumentals from some of the best old school rap songs. Second, Rapture will have a story, whereas Beatbox was more of a series of scenes that may or may not be connected with a greater theme. The songs will always be rapped, but the genre could be science fiction, melodrama, or fantasy. This isn’t your parents Krush Groove.

What makes this cast special?  Was there a choice to split the cast between ComedySportz ensemble members and other improvisers?

Rapture was pretty hard to cast. I wanted people that had both improv skills, and the ability to freestyle. In Chicago, there are many people that have both. Check 1. I also wanted some people affiliated with ComedySportz, and some that weren’t. When you are brought in to a ComedySportz show, even if it isn’t the main stage one, you are brought into the family. I picked people who would be a good representation of what ComedySportz is, and ones who fit the ComedySportz mold. Performers that are fast, funny, and can own the stage, but also people that are kind and welcoming. Check 2. Finally, I wanted diversity in the cast. Not just in race or gender, but in lifestyle and experiences. People with different backgrounds to pull from different experiences. I feel it makes a much rounder cast and will add more to the show. Check 3.

Why do you think this show is going to be so different than other musical improv shows in the city?

Well first, we will be rapping. Then, rap. After that. Rap some more. Most musical improv shows only sing, and only a few do both. I have respect for all of those shows, because adding a musical component to improv adds a degree or two of difficulty. As for style, each player has developed their own style of rapping. Rapture will mix those styles like the Wu-Tang Clan mixes each of their rapper’s styles. After Rapture, I expect each performer to release an independent album and then have a reunion tour. 

As the creator/director/DJ of Rapture, I’m really excited for this show. I want to thank ComedySportz for giving me the chance to put this together. I can’t wait to blow the audience away with its awesomeness.


Rapture performs Thursday nights starting June 26th, at 10:00pm after the 8pm ComedySportz show.  Tickets are just $10. 







Thursdays, June 26 - July 31 at 10:00pm.

The ComedySportz Theatre

929 W Belmont Ave.






For tickets call the Box Office at 773-549-8080 or  



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