This Friday at midnight, Talk Hard, Chicago’s hit late-night, uncensored talk show is proud to welcome Evan Mills, the writer and director of It’s a Terrible Week for Singing. The film outlines the story of an unhappy puppeteer recently going through a breakup where his long-term girlfriend left him for another woman forcing him to move in with his two lazy, jobless best friends. It’s a Terrible Week for Singing is a feature length film drawing its inspiration from SNL Digital Shorts. Get behind the scenes with Evan Mills and Talk Hard and see what put this film to song.


It's a terrible Week for Singing



Kyle ScanlanThe show will also feature Kyle Scanlan. Kyle is a local comedian who created The Whiskey Journal – a satirical take on the news translated by a team of comedic writers through whiskey-tinted glasses. In addition to an online presence, The Whiskey Journal has a new weekly late-night show that is served neat every Wednesday at Fizz Bar & Grill.





The Limbos

To round out the evening, Ryan Miera of The Limbos will be performing as our musical guest bringing his influences of everything from the 1800s to the present live on the Talk Hard stage.








As always, this show is live and uncensored, hosted by the unpredictable Jamie Campbell, and written by a staff that was hand-picked from Chicago’s world famous comedy scene. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased at The ComedySportz Theatre box office. Call 773.549.8080 in advance or buy them at the door. Attendance to the 10 p.m. ComedySportz improv show gets audience members into Talk Hard at half price. Life is short – talk hard.

Visit the ComedySportz Photo Wall May 9-11 and Pose for a FREE 4" x 6" Portrait

Mother's Day is too important for just one day of celebration! Bring Mom in to one of our shows Thursday through Saturday this weekend and get a FREE photo commemorating your visit in front of the ComedySportz Photo Wall.You'll also get a nifty little refrigerator magnet picture frame to keep the pic up where all can enjoy it!
Photos will be taken at ComedySportz shows Thursday, May 9 at 8 (tickets are $22 per person), Friday, May 10 at 8 ($24 per person), & 10 ($22 per person), and Saturday, May 11  at 6 ($22 per person), 8 ($24 per person) and 10 ($22 per person).  Call 773-549-8080 to reserve your tickets!

ComedySportz Honors Our Funny Moms with Contest on Social Media

Fanz can win free tickets to Chicago Women's Funny Festival and the John Hancock Observatory

In honor of Mother's Day, May 12th, we're holding the ComedySportz Funniest Mom Contest. Unleash your mom’s humor on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. Recount the funny story about your mom that always holds an audience at family parties. Frame a photo of her that she would love to burn, for the entire web to enjoy. Share that video of her that you’ve enjoyed more replays of than any television show you’ve seen. Anyone who posts between now and Friday May 10 will automatically be entered in a drawing to win two free tickets to the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival June 6-9 or two tickets to the John Hancock Observatory!


Just post on our Facebook page, You Tube, Instagram (#comedysportz) or Twitter (#comedysportzchi) and then send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and a link to, or description of, your post. We'll enter you into the drawing.


Need an example to get you going? Here’s a story from ComedySportz ensemble member Ryan Williams about his mom’s comedic instincts:


“When I was around 10, my father was applying for a job as Vice President of HR with a major worldwide corporation based in England. One particular evening, unbeknownst to my mother, he was waiting for a call for a phone interview with the company’s CEO. When the phone rang, my mother answered with a polite, "Hello, this is the Williams residence," and in reply came a very thick British accent, "Yes, this is Bernard Cumbermaul calling for Walker Williams." 


Thinking the caller was my father's wacky best friend Kenny, who would call and do voices and characters just to mess with her, she replied "Oh, give it a rest Kenny, ‘cause I ain't buyin' it!" To which the voice came through again, "I'm sorry? This is Bernard Cumbermaul calling for a mister Walker Williams."


At this point my mother decided to play along, so in her best overdone fake British accent she said, "Well, Mr. Bernard Cumbermaul, Walker is in the loo. I shall go forth and attempt to fetch him." Still in her horrible rendition of a cheesy British accent, she yelled across the house to my father, "Oh, Walker! Mr Bernaaaard Cuuumbermauuul is calling upon you!!" 


So as you may have guessed, the caller was not Kenny, but was actually Bernard Cumbermaul, CEO of a major British company, calling my father for his interview. Needless to say, my father didn't get the job.”

Chicago Women's Funny Festival


The women of the ComedySportz Theatre will be well represented in Chicago's second annual festival celebrating women in comedy, with members of our main ensemble and 100 Proof Comedy appearing in many of the festival’s more than 60 shows over four days. The second annual edition of the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival will be held June 6- 9th at Stage 773 at 1225 West Belmont Avenue just down the street from The ComedySportz Theatre.


Contributing to the collection of stand-up, sketch, improv, burlesque, musical-comedy, solo shows and one acts to be featured in the festival will be ComedySportz players Tara DeFrancisco (DeFrancisCO), Mel Evans (Improvised Jane Austen), Meg Grunewald (Just the Tip), Liz Reuss (Claudia & Liz, ‘90’s Girl Band, The Solo Bunch) and Jen Staben (Improvised Baby Sitters Club). There's even one male ComedySportz player contributing to the on-stage effort - Peter Kremidas, who is directing Lets Watch TV, a solo show by  ComedySportz alum Leslie Nesbit.


Performing stand-up at the Festival will be 100 Proof Comedy cast members Kristin Clifford, Kelsie Huff and Alexandra Tsarpalas along with Talk Hard writer Monique Madrid, and former Training Center stand-up student, Grace Lusk.


For the complete schedules of shows and ticket information, visit