Winter to arrive on November 17th when
The  ComedySportz Crew Meets The Snow Queen.

Snow Queen

Director David Flora promises an early snowfall - on stage at least - when The ComedySportz Crew Meets The Snow Queen opens next week. In this original adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen tale, the kids in the audience will join the ComedySportz crew as they travel to the North Pole and take part in the action. Flora explains, "Kids will get a chance to be snowflake guards if they choose and help the players escape from the Snow Queen. They'll be key to finding something hidden in the theatre that lets the players get away."


The Snow Queen is one Andersen's longest tales and is considered by many to be his best. It has been performed in many incarnations over the years - on stage, in movies and TV and even as opera! It includes a rich array of characters including a goblin who shatters a mirror that makes you only see bad things, a sorceress who keeps it summer around her at all times, a Helpful Reindeer and a very confused married couple of crows. To bring this magic to the ComedySportz Theatre stage, Flora promises some amazing puppetry, costumes and wigs.


Recommended for children 10 and under, The ComedySportz Crew Meets The Snow Queen will be performed Saturday mornings at 11 am from November 17 through January 19th. Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for kids under 12.

Costume Contest and Dance Party to Highlight the Stevens Family Halloween Bash

The regular Wednesday night "Two Dollar Bill" will be take a different twist for Halloween night - Wednesday, October 31 - when The Stevens Family will host a Halloween party - complete with a costume contest. Who better to judge style, fashion and visual creativity than that sophisticated clan?

Genesis League and Battle-prov will perform their shows at 8 & 9 pm per usual, and the price for those two shows is still Chicago's greatest comedy bargain at only $2.00.

The fun starts at 8:00 pm!

New Players Join Casts of Genesis League and Battle-Prov in ComedySportz’ Weekly Three Hours of Comedy for Two Bucks

The affordable Wednesday night series at the ComedySportz Theater returns with three great improvised shows every week! And it's only $2 for the whole night!

At 8 pm, two teams, selected from the five all-new Genesis League teams, breathe life into short-form improv with newly created games!

At 9pm a brand-new Battle-prov ensemble takes on a different challenger each week in a bout of improvised hilarity! The new players are Chip Aucoin, Brit Belsheim, Katie Dufresne, Rob Grabowski, Davide Grody, Shantira Jackson, Josiah Jenkins, Kelsey Kinney, Jonny Nelson, John Pantlind, Damian White, and Molly Wilbanks.

Rounding out the night at 10pm, the foul-mouthed Stevens Family hosts the FUN-derdome where anyone can join in the fun!

And as always, the bar is open from 7:30 pm on past the end of the last show.  Call 773-549-8080 for more information.    

The Chicago Sun-Times needed attendees of the massive Bank of America Marathon Health and Fitness Expo on Friday, October 5 and Saturday, October 6, to spend time at their booth, so they called on ComedySportz Creative Services to help.  45,000 ran in this year’s marathon and they all had to visit the Expo held at McCormick Place to pick up their official registration packets.

The Sun-Times goals were to gain new subscribers as well as sell special products like front page photos of runners on mock Sun-Times front pages and pre-orders for copies of the official race results edition. The ComedySportz players attracted visitors with a variety of games – among the most popular was “Name That Tune,” with the songs played on kazoos.