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In mid-October, ComedySportz Chicago is throwing open their doors to ComedySportz teams from all over the Midwest and beyond.  The first ever ComedySportz Midwest Invitational is happening right here in Chicago, featuring players from Boston, Buffalo, Houston, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Portland, and San Jose playing October 16 – October 18, 2014 at the ComedySportz Theatre (929 W Belmont).

For over 25 years, ComedySportz Chicago has provided all-ages friendly, improvisational comedy to Chicago. Watch two teams from around the country go head-to-head in a tournament for the coveted Midwest Invitational Trophy and unlimited bragging rights.




Thursday 10/16 at 8:00pm

Portland v Indianapolis
Chicago v Grab Bag*


Friday 10/17 at 8:00pm
Indianapolis v Buffalo
Chicago v Minneapolis (the rematch)


Friday 10/17 at 10:00pm
Blue show with special guests (TBD)


Saturday 10/18 at 6:00pm
Houston v Indianapolis
Chicago v Buffalo


Saturday 10/18 at 8:00pm
Milwaukee v Boston & San Jose
Minneapolis v AllStars


Saturday 10/18 at 10:00pm
Championship match


Saturday midnight:
Blue show with special guests (TBD)


The weekend of August 21 marks our Chicago ComedySportz 27th Anniversary, and we're celebrating by inviting all of our past alumni to the field! Join us to see the all-ages comedy competition played the way it was MEANT to be played, back in their day. Will the alumni players be a help or hindrance to their fellow teammates?  Can they rap?  Are they up to date with all the important news?


FIND OUT by buying your tickets now for all shows August 21-23! 

Thursday, August 21 @ 8pm - Buy Tickets Now

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Saturday, August 23 @ 8pm - Buy Tickets Now

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For tickets call the Box Office at 773-549-8080 or  



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Chicago is home to some of the best comedy in the world.  On August 7-9, 2014 the ComedySportz ensemble is hosting the top comedy theaters in Chicago to throw down with them, competing in Chicago’s best competitive improv show, ComedySportz, in front of a live audience.

The show remains appropriate for all ages - see improvisers of the highest caliber from The Annoyance, Chemically Imbalanced ComedyiO, The Playground, and pH Productions take on the ComedySportz roster on their home turf.


challenge buytix

August 7, Thurday: 8:00pm: CIC

August 8, Friday: 8:00pm:  pH Productions

August 9, Saturday: 6:00pm:  Sears Tower (iO)

August 9, Saturday: 8:00pm: The Playground

August 9, Saturday: 10:00pm:  Fire & Beer (The Annoyance)


For tickets call the Box Office at 773-549-8080 or  




Something big is happening at ComedySportz.  We're changing our look!  ComedySportz theaters across the country are all going to be changing how we look as part of a huge rebranding campaign.  You can see all the international excitement by checking the Twitter and Facebook hashtag of #CSz30.  As part of all this activity, we want to try some new uniforms to go with the new logos...

...and we need your help to do it.

examples-newlookHow would you design the ComedySportz ensemble uniforms?  Exceptional colors?  Helmets? Wizard robes?


Post your suggestions on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags of #CSz30 and #CSzNewLook and we'll take notice!  Then at all ComedySportz shows May 29 - 31 see the ensemble try out your suggestions.


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For tickets call the Box Office at 773-549-8080 or