Player Profile: Jamie Campbell

Jamie CampbellOn any given day, it’s a safe bet that ComedySportz ensemble member, Jamie Campbell is performing somewhere. Campbell, voted The Chicago Reader’s best stand-up comedian, has entrenched himself in nearly every avenue of comedy. Campbell’s etched his name across the landscape of Chicago’s comedy scene, where he performs stand-up and improv, writes and acts in movies and plays, has co-written a musical, and is the host of his own late-night talk show. If there’s ever an open window of time for him, Campbell soon finds a way to fill it with comedy. A wide breadth of skill and experience has virtually ensured his success in these different outlets


Audiences can soon enjoy Campbell’s comedy on screen. He recently wrapped up a lead role in Dirtbags, a feature film by award winning screenwriter, Dale Zawada, which will showcase on the festival circuit. The film is about a group of thirty year olds who embark on a final road trip before one of them gets married. He is also one of the subjects of a documentary on 100 Proof Comedy, the stand up showcase he hosts Mondays at The ComedySportz Theatre. The documentary was produced by BluLight Media and will also hit the festival scene.


Stand-up and improv jell in Campbell’s performances, as he has utilized both at venues all over Chicago. He‘s performed improv at the Chicago Improv Festival, and plays almost every week in our main show at ComedySportz. He’s also done stand-up at the TBS Just For Laughs Festival, and top comedy clubs in Chicago. Campbell said that much of his work in stand-up involves the same abilities that he’s developed as improv performer. “The tenets of improv go hand-in-hand with stand-up. In improv, you work as a team. Stand-up is still a team, but the teammates are the audience,” he said.


Jamei Hosting Talk HardCampbell also hosts Talk Hard, the live, uncensored, late-night talk show at the ComedySportz Theatre. With his sights set on branding Talk Hard as a national act, he plans on venturing into unmarked territory with the show. Campbell’s goal is to ultimately launch an audio podcast and a taped live show, employing character guests, monologue jokes, and the premier stand-ups and musical acts in the city to perform.




Campbell’s also ending a run of a play called Cheers 1773, written by Cody Melcher, a 100 Proof Comedy cast member and Talk Hard writer. The play’s a about a bar similar to the TV show “Cheers” that’s set during the Boston Tea Party. He acts in the play with Steven Lyons, a ComedySportz ensemble member and Talk Hard writer.


And even if there is a day when he’s nor performing comedy, he’s probably teaching someone else how to do it. Though he recently retired as the director of The ComedySportz Training Center, he continues to teach the Center’s course in stand-up. It’s another three hours per week of commitment to comedy, but Jamie doesn’t seem to mind.  If he had any more time on his hands, he might be tempted to…eat or sleep or something?