How long have you been doing improv comedy?
I began performing regularly in October 2002 when I helped found TCU's first improv team Senseless Acts of Comedy with several other talented college kids who just wanted to perform and have fun. I've been doing very steadily ever since.

What brought you to ComedySportz?
Two weeks after I graduated college I auditioned for and got into ComedySportz Dallas. Quickly I was performing every weekend and LOVING it. When I decided to make improv a serious career choice I moved to Chicago. I loved doing ComedySportz Dallas so much I began watching shows at ComedySportz Chicago. The artistic director at the time, Joe Janes, had just cast me in a sketch show for Donny's Skybox and we talked a lot of CSz. I went out for Battleprov shortly thereafter when it first started and auditioned for the cast the next chance I got. Been there ever since.

What is your favorite thing about doing shows at ComedySportz?
The feeling of winning over the audience. Some audiences come begging to laugh. Others come daring us to make them laugh. Either way, it's an awesome feeling to do something and hear so many people jump on your side and give into laughing.

Are you involved in any other shows? If so, what kind?
I perform regularly with the Comedy Shrine in Naperville, IL. I perform as "Matches" on the Chicago Untouchable Gangster Tour Bus giving a fun show mixed with comedy and a lot of information about 1920s gangsters. I occasionally sit in with the independent team Hair Club for Men at the Playground. And at the moment I am half of Tip of the Tongue - a two person improv team playing in the Dual Duel. The other half is the lovely and talented Erica Elam from Baby Wants Candy among other entities.

Have you done improv comedy anywhere outside of Chicago?
* Senseless Acts of Comedy - TCU
* ComedySportz Dallas - Dallas, Texas
* KidneyPunch - Dallas, Texas
* Several teaching/performing gigs around Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana with ComedySportz

What is something about you that has nothing to do with performing?
I love to play sports - not ComedySportz - but real sports. My perfect day would involve 5 on 5 basketball, sand volleyball, tennis, soccer, roller hockey, golf, ultimate frisbee, and touch football all in the same day. I've com really close to doing all those in one day, but never fit all of them in yet.

If you had to pick someone to model yourself, who would it be?
I have many, first of all. Ross Bryant, TJ Jagodowsky, Jack Bronis, and WAY too many more to name. But I'll make note here of David Wilk. He currently owns and performs with a group called Four Day Weekend in Fort Worth, TX. The group is amazingly successful. They're very funny and talented. He was my first improv teacher. First person I ever saw perform improv. He's a great husband and father. Great guy all round. And what I respect most is that he came to Chicago to study improv and then instead of trying to be on Second City's Mainstage or on an iO team he moved to Texas and founded a group/business that he grew from literally nothing. They're currently the longest running live show in Fort Worth. They do corporate shows and trainings all the time. And they just sold a TV show to Fox. All this because this man and a few of his colleagues started something that had a collosal chance of failure and beat the odds to be successful. He's not just a great improviser on stage, but a great 'yes ander' in real life as well.