How long have you been doing improv comedy?
I started way back in high school doing improv in the last few minutes of drama class each day, and haven't stopped improvising.  I've been a professional improvisor, coach and teacher in Chicago for about 7 years now.

What brought you to ComedySportz?
I started as a fan-- in high school, my friends and I would go to the ComedySportz Theatre in Portland, Oregon a few times a month.  The speed, energy and genuine joy that the improvisors brought to the stage was amazing to me!  After college, I started performing with Eugene, Oregon's ComedySportz and was lucky enough to be invited to join the Chicago ensemble shortly after my move to the Midwest.  Not long ago, I accepted the position of Associate Director; my responsibilities include overseeing both our mainstage show and our hilarious cast of performers.  I feel fortunate to be at the helm of a show I love so much!

What is your favorite thing about doing shows at ComedySportz?
At ComedySportz, I get to feel a instant, constant connection to the audience and I find I really thrive on that relationship.  Most importantly, the 50-member ComedySportz Ensemble is the most wickedly talented group of performers you'll ever find. My fellow Ensemble members delight, inspire and surprise me a million times a minute.

Are you involved in any other shows? If so, what kind?
While CSz is my home, I enjoy performing all over town-- it makes me a better improvisor to stretch my skills in various venues and styles.  I have appeared with Second City Theatricals on board the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship, at iO with the house team Revolver, Baby Wants Candy at the Apollo Theater and the Hot Karl right here at CSz.

You also created reDUB: Improvisors VS Movies!
Why yes, I did!

Tell us about reDUB!
Oh, yeah, that makes sense.  reDUB takes a cast of 4 hilarious comedians and an uber-talented musician, puts them in front of an old B-movie with the sound turned off and has them create new dialogue and music on the spot. They don't know what the movie is beforehand, so they're just as surprised as the audience.  So far we've reDUBbed everything from 1940's romantic epics to late 80's action flicks.  You can catch the show Thursday nights at 10pm at ComedySportz.

What is something about you that has nothing to do with performing?
In 2001, I was on the game show The Weakest Link.  I was terrible.  Some consider me one of the 10 worst Weakest Link contestants of all time, but I don't.

If you had to pick someone to model yourself after, who would it be?
This guy.