How long have you been doing improv comedy?
Since high school, so almost 10 years. After studying acting in college, I performed with ComedySportz in Oregon and joined the Chicago ensemble in 2005. To be fair, I’ve made up silly songs and been the funny one since I was a really little kid. I wasn’t born funny, but I found it quick.

What brought you to ComedySportz?
I was a big fan of ComedySportz long before I started improvising. I love that I can bring my grandma, dad, cousins, and creepy neighbor to this show and everyone leaves with a huge smile on their face. I love the fast-paced, high-intensity style of improv that ComedySportz does best.

What is your favorite thing about doing shows at ComedySportz?
The CSz ensemble is the most talented, interesting, and supportive bunch of people I’ve ever worked with. It’s so much fun to play with them and learn new stuff about them every time. I also like the funny wigs and hats that fail to fit on my giant head.

Are you involved in any other shows? If so, what kind?
I do improv comedy all over the place—Baby Wants Candy (musical improv) at the Apollo Theater, Revolver (long-form improv) at iO, and I frequently do scenes with my cat, Simba, I also direct BattleProv, which features a wickedly talented ensemble doing innovative and edgy improv right here at the ComedySportz Theatre.

Have you done improv comedy anywhere outside of Chicago?
I lived and studied in London for a brief time in 2001, and I got to learn all about the British methods of “impro” (they call it “impro”, not “improv”). I got to watch and learn from some of the best, including the cast of the original “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Amazingly funny people. I’ve performed in tons of road shows and improv festivals across the globe, and even Canada!

What is something about you that has nothing to do with performing?
Growing up, I had some unique pets: cats, sheep, pygmy goats, and llamas. My favorite was a very gentle old goat named Hobie, short for Hobie Wan Kenobi.

If you had to pick someone to model yourself, who would it be?
My improv role model is my girlfriend Jen. She insists she’s not an improviser, but she’s the best improviser I know. Don’t tell her.